The game panel
    Let's take a quick look at the game panel.

    You will find that it comprises three parts:
    - the score board on the top
    - the deployment array on the bottom-left
    - the battle array on the bottom-right.

    We begin with the deployment array.

Warship types
    The 10x10 deployment array, as shown on the left, let you deploy the warships and show you where your opponent hits.

    We have 10 warships in 4 types, they are:

(Aircraft Carrier) x 1
(Cruiser) x 2
(Destroyer) x 3
(Submarine) x 4

    The warships have different capacities. An Aircraft Carrier has the capacity of 4, a Cruiser has that of 3, a Destroyer has 2 and the Submarine has 1.

    The capacity indicates how many boxes a warship occupies in the 10x10 array. A warship is sunk if all the boxes it occupies have been shot.

Warship deployment
    We have two rules on warship deployment:
  1. a warship can only be deployed horizontally of vertically in the 10x10 array
  2. any two warships can not have any connections in the horizontal and vertical directions
    You might not be familiar with these rules at a glance. Never mind, we can help on it.

    There are 3 buttons controlling the deployment array:
  • [Deploy]: to deploy automatically all not-yet-deployed warships
  • [Clear]: to un-deploy all the warships
  • [Finish]: to finish deployment and get ready to fight
    Pretty cool, isn't it? Got some ideas of the deployment rules?

    How about if we don't like the arrangement generated by the computer?

    No problem. We can deploy and un-deploy all the warships with our mouse clicks.

    Remember the capacity? We can tell the type of a warship by its capacity. So all we need to do when deploying a warship is to click two boxes to specify its capacity, horizontally or vertically of course.

    As shown on the left, we are to deploy an Aircraft Carrier which has the capacity of 4.

    To un-deploy a warship, just click on it.

    As you might already know, you can click twice on the same box to deploy a Submarine.

Choose targets
    Wooh, we are ready to fight.

    Here comes another 10x10 array with new buttons. It sits in the bottom-right area of the game panel. We can call it the battle array.

    The battle array let you choose bomb targets, fire bombs, place marks and even let you peek at the deployment of your opponent's warships.

    Sounds interesting? Let's go through all of them one by one.

    Question[1] : How to choose the targets?
    Answer[1] : point and click on any vacant boxes within the battle array.

    As you click on a vacant box, it changes to a question mark "?".

    You can click on as many vacant boxes as you want for conjecturing and marking purpose, but you can only shoot three targets in each turn.

    So you should release those additional "?"s, or turn them into marks, then click the [Fire] button when you've made up your mind on your three targets(you will learn how to release a "?" and how to mark a box later).

Shot or missed?
    Not bad, your bomb hits.

    When you click the [Fire] button, you will notice that the 3 targets you chosed change into numbers.

    The numbers will act as the bomb counter, or the turn counter. You have totally 20 bombs for each game, and your opponent won't have more bombs than you.

    As a result, the red numbers indicate that you shot something in that turn, and the black ones indicate that you missed.

    Question[2] : How can we know what exactly we've shot in each turn?
    Answer[2] : ... most of the time, you will have to guess.

    The bomb numbers only indicate whether you shot or not, and the score board tells you how many hits you've made and what types of warship you've shot, then you make your own judgement based on the warship deployment rules and the possible combination of bomb numbers to identify what you've shot and what to shoot next.

    For example, if your score board shows that your opponent's Cruisers have received two hits, it could be the same Cruiser that receives two hits, or each Cruiser receives one hit. That's the attraction of the game.

    So, you might want to check out the score board now.

The score board
    Question[3] : What is the score board?
    Answer[3] : The score board shows how many hits you've made and what types of warship you've shot in each turn.

    The row on top is the bomb/turn counter. A bomb won't be shown on the score board if it missed.

    There are two rows for each type of warship. The upper row is the hit counter which tells how many hits you've made to this type of warship(indicated by black numbers), and the lower one shows how many warships of this type are sunk in each turn(indicated by red numbers).

    For this case, let's see what happened with reference of the battle array.

    We shot the Aircraft Carrier with Bomb[3] and were lucky as we decided to try the top-right target of Bomb[3] first. In the following hits with Bomb[4], [5] and [6], we sank the Aircraft Carrier.

    We were also lucky to make a "Strike" with Bomb[5], but we didn't know which target is the Cruiser. With Bomb[6], we shot the Cruiser again, so when we looking at the combinations of the [5]s and [6]s, it could be a Cruiser sitting horizontally in the bottom-right area, or two Cruisers, one on the left side and the other one on the right side(it couldn't be a Cruiser that deployed vertically in the bottom-left area since we didn't hit a Cruiser with Bomb[1]).

    We got it with Bomb[8] and thus we knew that the target of Bomb[5] on the middle-left side was a Submarine.

    On the other hand, we kept searching for the Destroyer found with Bomb[1] and finally we made it with Bomb[8] as well.

    Likewise, and with luck, we sank the other warships and won the game by Bomb[16].
Mark a box
    You might already notice that we have some spotted boxes in the battle array.

    According to the warship deployment rules, if you found one of your opponent's warships, then the boxes around it vertically and horizontally won't be occupied by any other warships. It's a good idea that we mark down these boxes so we won't waste our bombs on them by mistake.

    We mentioned that when you click on a vacant box, it changes to a "?". Well, if you click on it again, it changes to a spotted box and the "?" is released, it will change back to a vacant box with one more click.

    So a box changes among "vacant", "?" and "spotted" with clicks.

    You can spot a number as well. Click once to spot it and click again to restore it.

    The spotted boxes and numbers help you to make clearer judgement when choosing targets.

How to win?
    Question[4] : How can we know where the opponent shoots?
    Answer[4] : In your deployment array, a black cross means your opponent missed, a little red spot at the top-left corner of the ship body means your ship was shot.

    You can win in two ways, to destroy all the opponent's warships before the opponent sinks yours, or to hit more targets than your opponent does when the game finishes.

    If it's too much for you, you might want to consider sending a SPY.

    When you click on the [Spy] button, it shows randomly one of your opponent's survived warships for one second(hot games always come with cheat codes, so do cool games).

    For this example, it's a Cruiser.

    You have only three spies for each game, use them wisely. Usually, I use the spies to find out the opponent's Submarines for the last few bombs.

    When the game finishes, your opponent's warships will be shown in the battle array. Now you can compare your judgement with your opponent's actual deployment.

    Use the [Fire] button to switch between hiding and showing those warships, and click on the [Quit] button to start a new game. The result of our case is shown on the left for your reference.

    Congratulations! You are now ready to go on board.

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